Directions and lodging



Bryggaregatan 20, 503 38 Borås, Sweden

A few nearby hotels

Hotel Comfort Jazz

Single room, 650 SEK / night Double room, 750 SEK / night

Check in and breakfast at Allègatan 21, but these rooms are located in a building across the street. Use the code FLIPPER when booking via +46 33 799 45 00 or

Scandic Plaza Borås

Single room, 800 SEK / night Double room, 1000 SEK / night

Use the code FLI201017 when booking via +46 33 785 02 01 or

Quality Hotel Grand Borås

Book as soon as possible for best price.


There is lots of parking right around the corner from the location. Most parking options are free after 18:00 on Friday and for the duration of the weekend.

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