How do we play these tournaments? Qualifications

We have several different tournaments during the EPC this year.


The qualifications for the main and classic tournament will be head to head matchplay, Round Robin style, where each player plays every other player in the group once. Four slots of each three hours with four groups of 16 players.

Head to head, Round Robin. The lower IFPA ranked player always starts (i.e. best ranked player as player #2). 256 players / 16 groups with 16 players / best 4 per group advances (number two qualifiers in each group get one bye and top qualifiers get two byes).


Four players per team (with the same country affiliation) or three or even two players in case there are no more players attending from a specific country / max 16 teams (one per country).

Teams are ranked by the combined IFPA rank (player 1+2+3+4)

Each round will be played best out of five games - 4 singel matches and 1 split (double).

Five machines will be randomly picked for the round.

The lower ranked team will announce their players for each position. The first 3 games have to position all 4 players. Any two players can play game 4 and 5:

  1. Singel match (game 1)
  2. Singel match (game 2)
  3. Double match (game 3)
  4. Singel match (game 4)
  5. Singel match (game 5)

The higher ranked team will then announce opponents for each position.

For example:

  1. Martin Ayub (TAF) Mats Runsten
  2. David Mainwaring (CON) Jorian Engelbrektsson
  3. Peter Blakemore / Rich Mallett (DH) Johan Genberg / Marcus Hugosson
  4. Martin Ayub (IM) Jorian Engelbrektsson
  5. David Mainwaring (MB) Marcus Hugosson


Round-robin qualifying where each player meets each player in the group on a randomly drawn machine.

Top 4 to final in a four-player match on three machines.

If more than 16 players, top 8 to finals with the same format in semi and final.

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