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Main: G 2017-10-21 13:00 - 17:00
Frank NilsenFish TalesMarcus Hugosson
Pilvi SalonenParty ZoneMarcus Hugosson
Michael NilssonCreature from the Black LagoonMarcus Hugosson
Miguel Ramón FerruzFish TalesMiguel Ramón Ferruz
Emil HassingRoad ShowEmil Hassing
Christer HolmElvira and the Party MonstersMarcus Hugosson
Gabriel Ortiz LlonisX-MenMarcus Hugosson
Michael TreppDirty HarryMarcus Hugosson
Roger HanssonElvira and the Party MonstersMarcus Hugosson
Kjell ÖmmersjöParty ZoneKjell Ömmersjö
Claes WiknerX-MenMarcus Hugosson
Mikael TelerudDirty HarryMikael Telerud
Andreas LovénFish TalesAndreas Lovén
Elin WilhelmsenMetallicaMarcus Hugosson
Jonas IngerlundParty ZoneJonas Ingerlund
Classics: 106 plats, 319 poäng
Hotdoggin'298 19073
Hotdoggin'261 64058
Hotdoggin'138 0600
Hotdoggin'108 8500
Kiss (Bally)92 22015
Kiss (Bally)70 4006
Kiss (Bally)56 7800
Kiss (Bally)40 8400
Playboy (Bally)270 09084
Playboy (Bally)267 83083
Playboy (Bally)89 5700
Playboy (Bally)35 4100
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