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Main: G 2017-10-21 13:00 - 17:00
Frank NilsenDirty HarryChrister Holm
Pilvi SalonenMetallicaChrister Holm
Michael NilssonRoad ShowMichael Nilsson
Miguel Ramón FerruzDirty HarryChrister Holm
Emil HassingMetallicaChrister Holm
Marcus HugossonElvira and the Party MonstersMarcus Hugosson
Gabriel Ortiz LlonisMetallicaGabriel Ortiz Llonis
Michael TreppRoad ShowMichael Trepp
Roger HanssonCreature from the Black LagoonRoger Hansson
Kjell ÖmmersjöDirty HarryKjell Ömmersjö
Claes WiknerMetallicaChrister Holm
Mikael TelerudRoad ShowMikael Telerud
Andreas LovénCreature from the Black LagoonAndreas Lovén
Elin WilhelmsenElvira and the Party MonstersChrister Holm
Jonas IngerlundX-MenJonas Ingerlund
Classics: 225 plats, 184 poäng
Centaur496 72043
Centaur455 60040
Centaur168 6500
Centaur31 0400
The Six Million Dollar Man38 40016
The Six Million Dollar Man31 0905
The Six Million Dollar Man19 2800
The Six Million Dollar Man18 4600
Viking761 80071
Viking111 6009
Viking103 7900
Viking50 1900
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